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Adeline Adella
Discovery is a Process...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Back to my mood of blogging again. Events after events.Especially all the May birthday babies...including me:).

21st Birthday...The highlight for the month of May.

So many plans and so many guests.

Had 5 celebrations All together this year.

And another one with Jojo for Sakae Sushi...coming up...

Many changes had occured and some are just what makes me even happier

and less busy.

Guess i'm happy for now with the lifestyle that i have.:)

Just to keep this blog into active mode...Not going to say too much...
Gonna be busy soon, i guess:P...hehe

Friday, May 15, 2009


Sometimes Not saying anything is better than a mouth of rudness...

I'm here to vent my anger on some sentences here before going back to my powerpoint presentation.

COOLing DOWN..Cheers...

Friday, May 8, 2009

Placing Value in your Life
Tired..When will be the time that i can get my rest?
That's the cry inside me and i don't have time for fun

Why is it so?
I don't understand and...

Day by day...
10am-4pm (SCH)
6pm-10pm (WORK)
5 days a week

With a pay of $5/hr
Slog like mad just for $20 a day
And i just drop all my other commitments...

Talked to my best adviser ,Santhi
She said that i need to place some value in my life...
Not just be contented with that bare minimum...
But believing for MORE...

I feel much happier even though i gonna QUIT that JOB
but i get BACK my LIFE!!!

I now Declare that "I'm HAPPY"
Found the answer why i've been feeling so down and tired...
And i found a place for my 21st birthday celebration...


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Adding some " Spice" to make the story interesting but leads to sow discord is bad...
GOSH...This is my space and i just feel that you are an underdog...

Even thought your position is higher than me BUT what you said to add some "spice"
just make me feel so disappointed...
So you enjoy seeing people getting angry over your piece of "information"?

Please can you don't be so evil?
If no judgement is placed why you want to be the 1st to judge?

Anyway you have no rights to do that...
You are not giving the penny...

I worked for it and i deserved to have that..
So simple...
Yet you want to create a big "WHOoha" out of it?

Please...i will say what i need to say and carry on my job...
Making my stand is what i'm learning to do...
And I'm doing it well...
So yea...Mdm please step back...


Thursday, April 30, 2009

NOW I Finally Understand the Emotional Attachment that i have with him.

He's the one that make me go crazy...Yes CRAZY...Say whatever i want to say and be WILD

I found some parts of myself in him in the way of expression.
Even though sometimes he's not much of expressive guy...
But still for occasions that happened...he's so like me

A guy that i will lie on the shoulder when i need a friend to hold.
What more can i ask just because i've fallen hard for him.

HE will always be my great guy friend that :

1) Nags at me for not going to sch (give me morning calls)
2) Praise me for being Gorgeous the way i are

3) Ask me to "Be careful hor" when a guy approaches me
4)Give me that kind of special xiao mei mei treatment somehow...
5)Trust me with his pieces of life knowing that i care:)
6) Always select some good food and put it on my bowl
7) Peel the prawn shells for me when we had that cereal prawns ( i always peel for others k)
8)Sms me occasionally to check out how i'm doing in life:)
9)Count me in his good plans or friend's outing
10) Dare to say "You want me to slap you hard issin't"...No one dares to say that to me before...

This Guy is Gonna be with me like my other Fren4Ever Good Girl Friends...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

As usually, today i went to work after school

Someone caught me when i was serving some customers

A little girl walked into the area where only staff allowed

The little girl ran to that cross.

Her mum said : "Girl ar, this is not church la...

Come tomorrow go back to school then pray"

She inspired me to pray more in some sense.

Can still recall when i used to hide in the blanket and pray.

Saying "AMEN" knowing that Jesus that look a bit like Santa Claus will bless my life and make me beautiful.

As i grow older, those moments get lost in time.

Maybe it's time for me to get back that childlike joy of praying to God in me.

Never too old to a little girl in the eyes of God...Make me live that out Again.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

refers to a word that will trigger your laughing bones
So sorry that i ran out of the class today.
I didn't meant to do that to you:(
But Mr Facilitator, It's just TOO FUNNY...
Can't control my laughter.
Tears just rolled down my face
I know that need to get out of the classroom:P
To the MAX, that i went to the Ladies to laugh like mad...
Someone thought that i was crying cause i covered my mouth
With tissues....
Acutally he was saying Perimeter ...
What a big difference right...
"PARAMETEL" and Perimemter...
(with his singlish)
What a good laugh and i even cried...
That time i was thinking, something must be wrong with me
Why laugh until like that..hehe
Another thing that i realised is that
"I'm get irritated when guys show interest in me"
(other than those i like and think it's ok)
Giving me those praises every single conversation makes me wanna *puke*
Don't know lei, i mean don't expect me to take you as my BF just because of those sweet words
Don't even try making me feel that you make me as your girl because of that...
C'mon la... Those guys will always stay in my ONLY Friends LIST
I will only go for those guys that i ADMIRE not those That always Sing my Praises...
Someone said that i'm very hard to please and very stubborn
Now i get your point, girl:)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Enjoying the school catching up with many friends
Today i had lab management:)

Oh Gosh... I feel like a guy in this pic...

Got a guy in my team that loves to fight for his wrong answers today.
He said something like that today : " Even though i am from Normal Technical i have better EQ that those who put dry and wet lab apart because that shows they don't promote relations"

Just to give you some information, wet and dry labs are apart because of not wanting to have contaminations.:)...Simple as that.

But why the mention of EQ?
When he was saying that "Normal Technical" and "Better EQ" caught me.

Sometimes trying too much to prove an issue
Will eventually lead to the Oppsite Effect...

Learning how to accept you giving the wrong answer and learn from people.
I would say that it's a strength...

Nothing Wrong in not being the top grade or what?
It's not a Crime
But it will be a disaster in Life
If one does not know how to admit mistakes and learn to be open...

Not meaning to say bad stuff about him
BUT is just that i see myself in him...
Some part of the past of me...
Surely some fragments are still lying around...

BE BRAVE and Admit the Mistakes:)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

That article caught my attention
"Possible Singapores, beyond Lee Kuan Yew"


PAP’s "extraordinary cohesion" over five decades has owed much to "the forceful personality of Lee Kuan Yew

While Mr Lee’s retirement would "create a huge political vacuum", Prof Mahbubani believes Singapore has "done a lot" to protect his legacy, such as instilling a deep culture of meritocracy and incorruptibility.

And Mr Ho had no doubts Singaporeans could "muddle their way through", even if the PAP’s leadership renewal "fails to deliver what it has done for the past 50 years".

Mr Lee’s greatest legacy, he said, "is that the Singapore which he so passionately shaped will outlive not only him, but even his own party, should that ever come to pass".

The reason: In his single most critical imperative — nation building — Mr Lee has largely succeeded, said Mr Ho, who has found young Singaporeans to own a strong sense of involvement and ownership in the country.

Rather, the government has the support of the politically—vital heartland in its pragmatic, incremental approach to change, even as it responds to tomorrow’s generation

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Why need to get jealous when a sales person smiled at your husband?

Just don't understand...
C'mon i'm same age as your daughter that just ordered that 21st Birthday Cake

So no need to be jealous ok, auntie... No worries:)